5 questions to ask your wedding videographer

It’s important to make sure you have all the information you need before booking your wedding videographer. We’re with you all day after all! Don’t forget to ask these 5 questions before you book:

1. What’s included in my wedding video package?

Wedding videography can be many different things and is dependent on how much work goes into the creation of the video and how skillful and experienced your wedding videographer is. We advise asking your wedding videographer for specific details of your package. It is important to know what you’re getting, whether it’s just a short video for sharing with your loved ones or on social media, or whether it’s a full length feature film where you can get in your comfies and get out the popcorn! 

Like many videographers, we offer wedding videography packages that cater for different budgets:

  • A Highlights Only Package
    A 5-7 minute wedding highlights video which includes snippets from throughout the day and handpicked quotes from your ceremony and speeches
  • A Premium Package
    Includes the above 5-7 minute video, plus a 45-75 minute extended highlights wedding film which includes the full ceremony and those special speeches which you will never forget

We also offer a Custom Package so you can tell us what you want, what you really really want! We get all sorts of requests, and aim to get it right for the two of you.

2. When will we get our wedding video?

Wedding videographers work seasonally and the majority of weddings are held between May and September with an expected turnaround of around 12 weeks. We like to get ours edited as soon as possible but always advise up to 12 weeks for final delivery. On average we expect to get your final wedding film to you within 4-8 weeks.

3. How many weddings have you filmed?

When we started our wedding filmmaking journey, we charged low prices or worked for free for friends and families to gain some filming experience. Since then we have raised our prices because we have more skills, more outgoings and can edit more creatively, quickly and with a fantastic final end product that we know you’re going to love. You get what you pay for, so make sure you ask this simple question so you’re not charged £1500 for a videographer who’s only filmed 1 wedding. 

As a rule you should expect to pay around:

  • <£500 for a videographer who’s just starting out (but results can vary)
  • £500-£1500 for an experienced videographer, with prices dependent on the package and the videographer’s location
  • >£1500 for a highly experienced videography team, with big budget production and all the latest camera gear, the costs of which are generally passed on to clients

4. What gear do you use?

This is important because the type of gear used can affect both videography prices and how the final film looks. Different cameras suit different videographer’s styles. We love the Panasonic GH5 because of the stabilised footage (no shaky videos here!) and the awesome slow mo capabilities – 180 frames per second!

5. Can we choose the songs?

Yes of course you can! Just tell us the songs you want! We use Artlist.io to source music for your public facing wedding video so you can share it all over social media without worrying about music licences 🙂

Thinking about a wedding video?

We’re a sustainable wedding supplier and all our wedding videos are powered by renewable energy, Have a chat with us and see if we’re available on your big day.